Dewey Cheaters Vodka 750ml

Dewey Cheaters Vodka 750ml
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Product Description

After a few martinis, two friends came together with an idea and spirit.

Real estate developer Jon Sweet and contract engineer Sean Cook have been El Dorado Hills neighbors for 12 years. Three years ago, the friends turned their business ventures to vodka and worked to create American made vodka, later called Dewey Cheaters Ultra Premium Vodka.

They are now brand owners of the vodka and looking for distributors. The vodka launched in businesses in June.

“This is a high-quality spirit made with California mountain water,” Sweet said.

The two wanted to grab people’s attention with the drink to make it “fun and different.”

“We wanted to think outside of the box and have a creative, eye-catching label to attract people,” Sweet said.

The vodka has already become a local favorite with Folsom and El Dorado Hills restaurants selling the drink. They also have a few specialty drinks including the “Dirty Dewey Martini and Ginger-tini.”

Cathy Kastner has lived in El Dorado Hills for 11 years and was happy to support the local vodka.

“That’s our go-to for dirty martinis,” Kastner said. “It’s very smooth with a good clean taste. It’s just quality vodka.”

Kastner said that her husband is a vodka connoisseur and usually drinks Grey Goose Vodka, but after tasting Dewey Cheaters, he switched over to the local brand.

“It’s so nice to support our local El Dorado Hills company. And, as a plus, it’s a good product for a good price,” she said. “I know it will be very


The brand owners are also taking the spirit out locally themselves to showcase the product at golf tournaments and community events.

“The excitement of being a part of this is what makes it all worth it,” Cook said. “Our job is to have fun and build an American company. No one has what we have for this price in the U.S.”